clothe yourselves with
&  patience


Regular attendance to school is vital.

Students should aim for 100% attendance.

It is very important to avoid any unnecessary absences.

  • Medical and dental appointments should be arranged outside the academy day. Appointments that cannot be arranged outside the academy day will only be authorised with appointment letter or medical evidence.
  • Holidays in term time will not be authorised.

Students should be in the academy by 8.20am. Persistent lateness will incur sanctions.

Absence Reporting

If a child is absent for any reason it is essential that parents/carers contact the academy absence line as early as possible.

Academy Absence Line:  01274 302400 Option 1

Notes for Parents/Carers

When reporting an absence, please remember to leave your child’s name, Hometeam, reason for absence and the expected date of return if known.

If we do not receive a call informing us of your child’s absence, we will use our text messaging system to contact you asking you to provide a reason for the absence.

It is very important that we receive a telephone call for each day that your child is absent.

If your child is absent you may be visited by our Attendance Officer.

If your child’s attendance drops below 90% you will be referred to Bradford Education Social Work Service.