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Careers Information

Careers Education Information, Advice & Guidance

We aim to prepare our students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. We want students to be able to make informed choices about their future learning and career pathways. Career education and guidance is an essential part of this process, so we ensure that all pupils get access to a programme of career education.

Careers Education

We are keen to see our pupils move into post-16 and post-18 choices that suit their skills, interests, personality and values, and which take account of their motivations. students are encouraged to consider what is important to them and increase their self-awareness through the career education programme. The programme helps students to develop their personal insight, career knowledge and build career planning and management skills.

We provide access to information about local opportunities for work, volunteering, education and apprenticeships through our careers section of the library, assemblies, Learning Guides and noticeboards.

Career Guidance

Students will get the opportunity to meet with a careers adviser at key decision points in their school life, and at other times if they are in particular need of support. At this time, they can talk about their ideas for the future, explore the range of options after they leave school and plan the steps to achieve their end goal. Students can expect advice and guidance that is personalised, comprehensive and impartial.

Experience of work

We value experience of work and recognise the importance of young people engaging with employers. This will include work experience (Year 10), but we will also offer career talks, mock interviews, industry visits and enterprise education opportunities.

Finding out more

All pupils have access to ‘Fast Tomato’, an interactive website where young people can explore career ideas. We also recommend ‘Shape your Future Guide to Careers in Yorkshire’ which provides useful information on the local labour market and future jobs. The LMI for All “Careerometer tool” gives access to salary information on a huge range of jobs, as well as essential information about whether such jobs are growing or in decline.



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