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Maths & Numeracy

Maths & Numeracy at Bradford Forster Academy

This scheme for year 7 and 8 was produced to work as a mastery scheme so students at Bradford Forster Academy would start their journey to master the basics of Mathematics. There are three main objectives from the national curriculum which are separated into these three key concepts; fluency, reasoning and problem solving.


In these lessons students will be introduced to a topic and exposed to the practice of simple modelled examples. They may start to make connections and see patterns but it will be all about practicing them.


In these lessons the students will really look into the explanation and understanding behind the maths, getting to grips with conceptual fluency and being able to communicate their understanding through the use of appropriate language.

Problem Solving

In these lessons students will be faced with a completely different scenario, weather that is a worded problem or different content, students will have to use their knowledge they have gathered to apply their understanding and creatively solve the problems.

For assessments we follow the Mastery Pathways which was produced by the White Rose Maths HUB. This is set out in stages where your child is able to progress once they have passed the stage before with at least 70% in their assessment. These stages prepare the students for KS4 and their GCSE in maths. Once they have completed the final stage they will be ready to start their GCSE curriculum which will closely follow Immanuel College.

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