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Languages are important for all of our students. At BFA all students have started by studying French in year 7 and have continued with this in year 8. In our lessons we focus on a range of things, but the key skills of learning a language are: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. As well as working on these 4 skills, the National Curriculum changes to languages mean we now also work on more cultural aspects of languages, the way languages are made (how we make sentences, for example), and reading short stories, poems, and songs in the languages. A large part of our French learning involves using online resources ( is a site we use a lot to help us learn and remember).

Some of the benefits of studying languages:

  • Improve your understanding of English (learning about how we learn to speak and write a foreign language really helps us to see our own language much more clearly).
  • Improve your college/ job/ university chances. Employers and colleges/ universities really like it when their applicants have a qualification (such as a GCSE) in a foreign language; it demonstrates that they’ve had to work hard and put in lots of effort to learn).
  • Improve your understanding of other cultures. Learning about how different people live (as well as the languages they speak) is a big part of learning a language.

In year 7 French we focus on the following topic areas:

Introducing myself in French

Learners will focus on:

  • Being able to talk about their loves/ likes/ hates/ dislikes.
  • Describing themselves – what they look like and their personality.
  • Being able to describe who they are and where they live – a basic introduction to themselves.
  • Learning how to give opinions about lots of things in French.
  • Using full sentences in French speaking and writing from the very start of the year.

Interests and Hobbies

Learners will focus on:

  • Describing who is in their family and what their family members’ loves/likes/dislikes/hates are.
  • Talking about the sports that they do or don’t do in French.
  • Learning how to talk about electronic (modern) hobbies.
  • Being able to describe films they like to watch and discuss some French films.
  • Starting to learn about the different tenses that we speak in in languages.

Daily Life

Learners will focus on:

Learning about school subjects and how school is different in French-speaking countries.

  • Clothing and fashion (including school uniform).
  • French poetry (about school).
  • What our daily routine is like.
  • How we can speak and write about things in the present tense, past tense, and conditional mood.

In year 8 French we focus on the following topic areas:

Holidays and Travel

Learners will focus on:

  • Being able to talk about their holidays.
  • Describing activities that they do.
  • Being able to describe in detail 9who, where, when, what, how, why).
  • Learning how to give opinions about lots of things in French.
  • Using more one tense (past, present, future).

Jobs, Careers, Future Life

Learners will focus on:

  • Talking about different jobs and what they involve.
  • Linking jobs to languages.
  • Finding out why it’s important to learn languages.
  • Being able to talk about school in French and the things that we do at school.
  • Talking about future careers/ education/ jobs.

Home, Local Area, Daily Life

Learners will focus on:

Describing their local area – where they live.

  • Describing a town, city, or village they have visited.
  • Thinking about what people might visit in their local area.
  • What our daily routine is like.
  • Discovering areas/ towns/ cities in French-speaking countries.
  • Describing where they might live and work in the future.


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