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Science at Bradford Forster Academy

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”  – Marie Curie


Year 7 are currently studying the topic of light that includes the concept of how light travels as well as how different colours are formed. After this students will move onto the topic of ecology; in this topic students will learn about ecosystems, habitats, animal adaptations and behaviours as well as food chains.

At Bradford Forster Academy the Science Department follow an in-house tailored scheme of work to fit the learners that we cater for at the academy.

This Science course follows the required material set out in the latest version of the national curriculum and as a result reflects the demand of this new curriculum laid out by the Department of Education. However, as the teaching order, lessons and curriculum as a whole are being planned by teachers at the academy for the students at this academy; this material is still accessible.

In order to get a balanced diet of Science and really get a chance to understand the breadth of study within Science, students learn about the following areas;

  • Science in a laboratory

Students spend the first part of the first term in the Academy working through a variety of investigations to really build their confidence and establish understanding of how to use practical equipment

  •  Cells

Students learn about the fundamental building blocks of life that make up all living organisms, including ourselves

  •  Reproduction

Students get the chance to understand one of the fundamental life processes that makes a living thing alive. This involves studying reproduction at a cellular level to identify how new life is produced

  •  Particle Model

This unit of work introduces students to chemistry and the idea that matter is made from atoms and that through the different structure of atoms we have different materials

  •  Physical and Chemical Reactions

Here the students get to explore what happens during a chemical or physical reaction and learn what is happening to the atomic structure of the different chemicals involved

  •  Forces and Motion

This the students first specific opportunity to learn about Physics, the Science that governs everything from how atoms interact to how planets orbit stars. In this unit students will investigate how objects move and how forces can effect that movement

  •  Light

This aspect of Physics is a great opportunity to have an interesting look at how we see things and why things look like they do. In this unit students will investigate how light travels, why objects appear different colours and how we can change light and its colour

  •  Ecology

This unit offers students the chance to understand and investigate the wider world around them and involves looking at species, habitats and ecosystems and learning about how different species interact with their ecosystems around the world.

  •  Acids and Alkalis

Students will learn about a very specific area of Chemistry that is of vital importance to so much of the everyday world. In this topic students will learn about to identify an acid from an alkali and much about the different and similar properties of both.

  •  Space

In this final Physics unit of the year students get an opportunity to learn about how the solar system that they live in is structured and a little about where our place is in the Universe.

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