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Arriving at any new education establishment can seem slightly daunting, so from the time that new pupils have their places confirmed, we try to make them feel part of Bradford Forster Academy by inviting them and their parents into the school on various occasions before the start of their first term. These are opportunities to get to know their new teachers and classmates, and to find their way around our state of the art building, so that they arrive for their first day in September confident that they belong here.

Our transition work starts with an opening evening, providing information for parents regarding uniform, school day timings, pastoral and behaviour structures and all other information parents require while their children complete some activities with staff and get to know their new surroundings.

Following on from this will be Transition day. This day is a Bradford wide transition day, in which all of our new students will complete a day at Bradford Forster Academy, getting to know staff and the building, completing activities and making new friends.

In addition to transition day, we will look to run further a Buddy Day should we feel that some individuals may need more support making the transition to secondary. This day is designed for a small group of children to make new friends and feel comfortable about joining us in September. We currently have a high number of children who may be the only child joining us from their primary school, this day will help them to make new friends so that come September there are friendly faces to greet them.

Whilst all this is going on our pastoral team will be getting out into primary schools and meeting with all children joining us in September. This is a great opportunity for students to get to know staff and ask any questions they may have.

Summer School is the last of the activities we run to make sure that all students are as prepared as possible for September. Summer School runs for the first two weeks of summer and is again designed for students to get to know each other, staff and the building. All our summer school is in-house and will provide our students with a mix of activities to choose from. Summer school days run between 10am and 3pm, information regarding activates will be send out during the summer term.

Events and News from BFA

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Enrichment at BFA

Our new term sees new extra-curricular Enrichment activities on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays from 3.15-4.15pm (with the exception of Reading Club & Creative Writing which runs 3pm – 4pm). These sessions are a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to enjoy a range of different…

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Dates for your Diary

Upcoming Events 2017 – 18 AUTUMN TERM Academy re-opens for Year 7 students           Tuesday 5th September 2017 Academy re-opens for Year 8 students           Wednesday 6th September 2017 HALF TERM Academy closes                                   Friday, 20th October 2017 Academy re-opens                              Monday,…

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Letters Home

Please find below some of the letters that were posted home or sent home with students. If you have any queries or require a paper copy of any of these letters please contact the office on 01274 302400. Letters General Information 18.07.17 End of Term…

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